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Do you make a physical product or have retail space on the Big Island? Get visibility and support to help your business thrive and grow! Big Island Made, LLC, is a member-based hui (association) proudly bringing Hawaiʻi Island makers, manufacturers, and retailers together under one “digital roof” to showcase locally made products, create networking opportunities, generate new sales leads, share resources, and advocate for our vibrant business community. If you make a physical product on Hawaiʻi Island, we invite you to join our growing ʻohana for FREE!

Great Reasons to Join

It's Free, Quick, & Easy to Sign Up

To show our continued commitment to equity, qualified maker and retailer businesses get a FREE full-page, searchable listing on our website, connecting you to residents, visitors, and other island businesses looking to buy local. Join today and help our program grow!

Get More Eyes on Your Products

We continually highlight member products on social media while our website offers collective SEO (search engine optimization), increasing the likelihood that your products will be seen by more people online. You can even track your number of views right on your listing page!

Network with Other Makers & Retailers

As a Hawaiʻi Island maker or retailer, it’s powerful to know you’re part of a vibrant community that’s here to offer support. We help members cultivate relationships, collaborate on products, share materials and advice with one other, and create new retail and sales channels.

Co-Brand Your
Products with Us

Members get the exclusive privilege of using the Big Island Made logo to promote their products—a brand platform that helps your business stand out! Co-brand your website, brochures, banners, signs, or packaging and show the world that your products are proudly made on Hawaiʻi Island!

Connect with Business Resources

Get access to our Resilient Business Center, which connects members with resources for starting a business, staffing, financing, branding, marketing, permitting, sustainability, equity, and more! You’ll also get added to our Members-Only Resource Sharing Group on Facebook.

Get B2B Discounts & New Sales Leads

We strive to incentivize sales between local businesses to keep more money in our local economy through our connections and partnerships. We also maintain a contact list of Hawaiʻi Island retailers and island events featuring retail space, which can be accessed only by our members.

What You'll Need

20 Minutes

The approximate amount of time it should take to complete your application.

Desktop / Laptop

Our membership application will not load on mobile devices or small tablets.

Logo & Photos

Have your logo and 3-6 hi-res product or business photos ready to upload.

Business Info

Have your company contact information and social media links ready.

Membership Types & Criteria

We offer memberships for Makers and Retailers. Click or tap below to see our membership criteria.

To be eligible, your business must:

➞  make a physical product on Hawaiʻi Island.
➞  be incorporated and headquartered in Hawaiʻi.
➞  be at least 50% owned by one or more full-time Hawaiʻi residents.
➞  sell products through at least one retail outlet, like a farmers market or an online shop.
➞  have previously registered with the DCCA Hawaiʻi Business Registration Division.
➞  have a current and searchable GE Tax License registered with the Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation.

Other Special Criteria:

➞  Food and beverage producers must offer items that: are packaged or bottled, are prepared or processed, have a shelf life of 1 week or longer, and follow Hawaiʻi State Dept. of Health Guidelines.
➞  Branding companies, artists, or photographers who print or screen print onto clothing, hats, stickers, canvas, etc., must print their items locally. We may ask for verification.

To be eligible, your business must:

➞  be headquartered on Hawaiʻi Island.
➞  be at least 50% owned by one or more full-time Hawaiʻi residents.
➞  be registered and in good standing with the DCCA Hawaiʻi Business Registration Division.
➞  have a current and searchable GE Tax License registered with the Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation.
➞  source at least 25% of your current products from Hawaiʻi Island businesses or carry locally made products from 25 or more Big Island suppliers.

Registration & Tax License Requirement

Before continuing, your business MUST have previously registered with the DCCA Hawaiʻi Business Registration Division (BREG) as a DOMESTIC company, partnership, nonprofit, trade mark, trade name, etc. Not registered? Use this easy step-by-step guide. You must also have a current and searchable GE Tax License registered with the Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation. We will verify this information before approval.

Switch to a Desktop or Laptop to Load the Application

We see you are currently on a mobile device. Unfortunately, our Membership application cannot be completed on smartphones or smaller tablets. Please switch to a desktop or laptop computer before joining.

Membership Application

By proceeding, I acknowledge that my business meets all eligibility criteria. If you do not meet all requirements but would still like to participate, contact us.

  • Please write your password down or store it in a secure place. We will not be emailing your password to you but you'll have the ability to reset it at any time.
  • Business Information

  • I would like to sign up today as a:
  • Number of full-time employees (yourself included):
  • Number of part-time employees:
  • Approximately what percentage of your business’ purchasing and expenses go toward goods and services sourced from or produced in Hawaiʻi?
  • Approximately what percentage of your sales come from customers in Hawaiʻi?
  • Are you interested in receiving additional information about paid (add-on) social media management services offered through Big Island Made?

  • Member Guidelines

  • Big Island Made Members, Partners, and Sponsors pledge to abide by the following guidelines:

    Agree to our terms and conditions—(link opens in a new window) this is the boring legal stuff, so we've highlighted the most important things to know.

    Keep your listing updated and accurate.

    Stay connected. We’ll add your email to our mailing list after your application is approved. Please stay subscribed so we can share important membership information.

    If you’re active on social media, please like or follow us! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

    Good vibes only. 😊 Do not use our social media accounts to publicly criticize other members, their products, or other locally owned Hawaiʻi Island businesses. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful speech, defamatory language, bullying, or harassment.

    Being part of the Big Island Made ʻohana means you share our values—your company should be committed to buying or doing things locally as much as reasonably possible.

    If you encounter any technical issues or are dissatisfied with our services, please contact us directly so we can work with you to resolve any problems—our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction.