KoaWood Ranch

Makers of handmade Hawaiian Koa wood decor, accessories, and fine furnishings.

KoaWood Ranch is a unique, fully vertically integrated Koa wood business in Hawaii and the restoration and preservation of Koa is at the center of it all. The company includes a milling operation, woodworking studio, forest conservation program and retail shop all in one.

KoaWood Ranch retail store in Honokaa offers handmade Hawaiian Koa wood heirlooms, home decor, Hawaii inspired Koa wood art and Koa wood gift furnishings.

All Koa wood used in products made for KoaWood Ranch  or sold as dimensional lumber, is milled exclusively from old growth trees on the ranch. The trees being milled are either a) downed by storms, or b) targeted for removal due to age-related decline and to promote the health of the surrounding trees in the forest.

Proceeds from all Koa sales, both from the KoaWood Ranch retail store or Koa dimensional lumber from Koa Woodworks, are directly applied to our conservation/reforestation activities and help offset some of the costs of running the conservation program.

Dimensional Koa Lumber available at: www.KoaWoodworks.com


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45-3599 Mamane St., Honokaa, HI 96727
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